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There’s a storm coming! I love the light right before a storm.


Worn out kids equal happy parents.

I’m a few days late posting this picture, and I can’t for the life of me remember the point of it.

A visitor on our balcony this morning.

Flowers make me smile.

I forgot take a real picture today, so I decided to do a mommy brag instead.

All tuckered out again.

Our pool opened this weekend. The water was freezing so we didn’t stay very long, but apparently it was enough to knock everyone out. Maybe I’ll get nap time back this summer.

Ian and I went for a walk along the lake and ran across some jet ski races. My wide angle lens probably wasn’t the best to use here, but it’s all I had with me. At least cropping is easy with digital pictures.

I could pretend I was trying to be artsy fartsy. But really, I just have an uncooperative daughter.